From 100k

It was an Autumn fall, when the leaves turned brown and started to fall on the ground, the mixed of leaves piles up one upon another.

From 100k, there you stand in the middle of thousand people, the taller among all, light heart, heavy love and with bright smile, I couldn’t stop choosing you from all.

There across the bar counter, a silk yellow-orange scarf,long knee length overcoat, a black pant and your boot, so cool and classic.

I carry my wine spritzer coz I am delicate person, dressed with blue jeans and brown synthetic leather jacket, my eyes cant stop staring at you.

With the message in my mailbox from Mathew, I read over and wine pour again. The courage of introducing was not in me but I see my world is big,people gossip and I found you just like Nick Young choosing Rachel Chu in Crazy Rich Asian.

It’s not an awkward moment, we are friends but we limit us from our ego. Today,when love walks over ego was kicked over the piled leaves of Autumn.

Anyway, with such I am not an extrovert but somehow good at expressing to myself!! Lol




Lately I found myself into the box of room where i see many roads of possibilities to walk out but I found a fear inside me.

Days flews with fast moving seconds on a clock,I am stuck which road to take. I am standing on the middle of 4 diversions and feels lost.

The wants and needs are ones priority to check out, which shoes to wear at what occasions!! Such pathetic decisions are not difficult but with whom to stay forever is crucial!

On the crossroad,a car gave me a lift but the driver was same like me, who is lost!! On other side diversion, the person standing is faceless but jolly. With 3rd diversion, I longed but the road seems strange to me. 4th is obviously,walking alone in the dense forest..

My characteristics seems unknown to myself as I change every seconds, I grow,I learn,I accept, I play and mostly I figure I m sensitive too which i caught during mood swings on every cycle(women knows). LoL

I consulted my mind,heart,head and with spiritual -six sense, my head hangs in the cloud still. Started searching my own piece and it’s with the fear. I am learning how to wash out my fears now.

So,I m playing a dice for the roads to take and for roller coaster, I will pay the fees that I have booked for!!!

If you are on crossroad and don’t know which road to drive, I am waiting for the solution,let’s solve the equation of crossroad!!

Take care!!! Xoxo dasa💞

Be Yourself !

Do you want to be your own unique piece?

OMFG! We are unique by nature and an endangered species. Do you believe for the above statement??

Well, everyone of us are different individuals with unique identity. Being our ownself is what build ourself. Loving ourself is an energy booster to self esteem.

The human behavior compares others in every details. What result you get from comparing? Are you satisfied,happy?? Or does it bring saddness? Checkout, you know what’s running inside you.

I would say, why compare, we all are a result of our own thoughts. The best version of ourself. How we are is a gift we received from universe naturally. Our genes can change ourself by how we think. The patterns of thinking is another powerful tool that we do not concentrate on.

Don’t you find amazing with your own-self? If you say no, then I would suggest “Look into the mirror and ask yourself , how and why on Earth you are different from others”. If you say Yes, ask yourself “what amaze me”?.

The seconds on your rolax which ticks out for next will not reverse back to where you want to be. Cherish your own breath for holding you on this beautiful mother Earth for a momentary.

The moon’s reflection is seen every day by the one who loves moon. If you don’t love yourself, then you won’t see the sun during sunny days.

Recently, I was driving through rough road of life and someone suddenly poked me from nowhere. He said, you don’t have to change for others coz YOUR IDENTITY is a gift from the Universe.

So I checked what’s lacking in me, and found I am camparing. This was the wrong rough road I drove. Realizing such, I found HOW TO BE Myself.


Explore your spaces,you will find YOU everywhere. Clean it, do dusting and shine like a diamond!! Cheers 🍻🥂

Louise Hay Therapy

Our body system must be working in different manners, just the thing is we never notice the changes.  The error in system is remembered when something went into imbalance. Our system cannot function in perfect way. If we can observe how we work, just check out what happens when our body develop bacterial flu and cause cough & cold.

In 2012, when my mother was diagnosed as Throat Esophagus Cancer, I was recommended to read Magic, Secret and Law of Attraction. Following that I have seen changes in the system of her. Believing within matters more. My mother’s cancer cell disappeared and miracles pour over where science couldn’t explain. Later days knowing that Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s theory of taking things into positively brought more changes to my thoughts, creating happiness.

I have been following them for this five years now and I have seen myself. My thoughts, my response, and my activities everything changed me. With such I have been accepting everything so lightly like Louise Hay does. She said “Life is really very simple. What we give out, we get back. What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us.” Even Dr. Wayne Dyer said “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one”.

Recently, I could feel my system is not working well. Visiting hospital to figure out what went wrong can bring an insight of your imbalance. It is not to depend solely on medicine prescribed. Your emotion plays and it creates your thoughts. This is where I say “watch your thoughts”, even the Buddha says “what you think, you become”. I am vegetarian and I lack vitamins where my immune system weaken and eyesight becoming poor. “You can heal your body” by Louise Hay, brings me to start with affirmations.

The therapy I can see for now is “pouring positive thoughts”. This is where, believing is seeing happens. Try yourself, be positive and think everything is possible to yourself, make little adjustment. You can figure out yourself within. CHECK YOUR EMOTION & THOUGHTS, it plays more than a music.


Nothing last longer than Fate!

Isn’t it true that everything decay once it’s expiry hit the date?? What would be more interesting for now???

I am pretty sure that everyone walks the same road but with different mode of travel such as bike, types of cars, walk with different shoes etc… but ultimately it reaches to same point(impermenace).

The road to eternity is very very long and to reach there your expiry date is much earlier and uncertain. During the travel, the travellers can be from different races, strong, weak etc… and almost all carries golden mirror of self which reflects our own self!

In the middle of the dense Samsara Jungle, you meet various strangers and friends too. Sometime strangers be more helpful than close friends and vice versa but strangers issue never bother much.

With the change in wind directions, the waves of Samsara Ocean might change ourself too. Without a notice, i fall in love and with fear build in my brain took my love before the time i expected. At every beginning there lays a beautiful flowers which we never felt it would decay one day! The expiry and fate runs parallel ways as some see each other but never meets.

Here my expiry date is unknown and my fate is also unknown. I do not know until the day knocks on my door of life. While i wait i extend my life with doubt and with confident i buy the supplements to cheat the fate but NOTHING LAST MORE THAN A FATE!.

Love alys what you feel for and express your feelings as your fate might twist your date!!

The Survival!

Wow, i am breathing! Haha Thank you universe for your love, my breath for keeping alive and thanks everyone for some foods you sends me, feed me and lessons i gained to survive.

Every time i choose home made foods or i love my own cooking as i dont trust the taste of others lol. Kidding !!

At the age of 12 i was vegetarian and later days i had fishes for supplement. Days passes by again i was back to old road. So while travel sandwich become my bestie and fruits become my mother.

It is right that “where there is a will, there is a way”. How difficult you be, somehow you fight for survival and that is what an adventure is!!

Therefore, while you are away from home, you try to be adventurous and be like “man vs wild”. You will find your ways rather than complains lol.

Whoever reads this, makesure you find a charm during your trips. Cherish it when you are vegetarian and you find street is full of sausages and creeps lol 😜.

Be a survival for next trip 🙂 i hope we will meet in that street of survival!!

Enjoy every trips!

Explore Your Heart

I say, “Float with the Time, you cannot reach for the same”. I used to be philosophical every time and that bores people. 🙂 I know, it is like people listening to principal’s speech in an assembly but then i am not that boring speaker, i got a magic to wear a smile. 🙂

Sometimes do you ask yourself, what makes you happy? Some might like hiking up, some might go for swimming, etc, the passion and hobbies differ to each one of us. It was in June,2019 when i suddenly planned for Hike to BUMDRA, Paro. It is located 3800 mtrs above sea level. We were 11 of us and i always go with numbers. I believe numbers, it sounds just like an orthodox but i am not that super-superstitious. Haha 🙂

I would recommend the readers and as well hikers to visit such for religion, cultural tour, explore nature and rejuvenate your feelings after tiring work-life. My visit was for exploring mother earth, religion and re-hearing ancient stories of Sky Burials.

There was a story connected to Guru Padmasambava( A Lotus born), who visited Bhutan during 8th Century. The narrator, a monk of Bumdra Nye narrates as follow:

“During the time, when Guru Padmasambava left Khandro Yeshey Tsogyal- The Sky Dancer,  for her meditation. After completion of her meditations and necessary, Guru visited her to check how well she did. Khandro Tsogyal with her own in-built wisdom and knowledge on telephaty and intuition, she knew Guru would ask her for the result of her meditation. Therefore, she manifested into 100,000(One Hundred Thousand) dakinis, where Guru knew it is her trick. Next Guru asked her, “If you can create 100,000 dakinis, you must make me believe about your meditation. Then she left 100,000 footprints of each dakinis on the rock. After that footprint the name of BUMDRA was created. BUM- it means 100,000 and DRA- means the cliff.” You can see the footprints on the rock even today.

If you visit BUMDRA, it will take you with 3 hrs up-hike till the monastery and if you go up to SKY Burial, it will take extra 2 hrs to reach up to the top. There are 3 Sky Burial, if you like to go further.  This sounds “WHAT’S IT?”.

In an ancient times, our great- grand parents used to believe that after our soul and body depart, if body is taken up to mountain for Sky Burial, the vultures( which is known for some spiritual figure) will eat our body. The vultures will only eat the body who belongs to upper caste. The vultures go with  caste, doesn’t it sound unkind? I do find such differentiation!!! In such cases, i wonder why castes  are differentiated and how do they know such. Isn’t it something to wonder???

Exploring new places makes my heart happy and fall in love with ancient theories, cultures and preservation. It also carries the hidden stories, history and it gives an opportunities to keep alive through STORY TELLING sessions with kids, youths and for tourism.

My message here for anyone whoever steps to read, “Explore your Heart with what you love to do” .

🙂 Xoxo Dasa ❤

Pic 1: The 3 Sky Burial Mountain Top, Pic 2: Bumdra Nye


Number knocked at my door!!

I couldn’t believe myself being too lazy and single through the ages 😁. Never felt too old until the number knocked loudly on my door.

I was cool for the times with beer, wine & whisky but sometimes with hot water and coffee. 😊

Everyone talks about life and future, i smile feeling my presence of present. My friends settled, some married and some went abroad. I laugh like sweet 16 and walk like 21 forever.;)

The river flows, meet ocean, waves back and return from mountain, still i stand at same place without knowing my passion.

My friend hit me with his text! I waked up saying where the hell i m. He says, he is going offshore, i replied “good luck”. Then i text him, ” i won’t see you off, better fly from Bagdora”. Lol

That was the time i could wake up and brush my hair, make up my eye with eyeshadow, and concealer covering my wrinkles. How old i m, was what knocked on the door!!!

In the middle floor of 3rd storied!

It was September, 2018 when i was suffocated by the Air in the capital, i requested my transfer to nearest branch office.

After a week, i saw an office order of my placement. 🙂 Felt lonely, independent and sad inside. It was all of the sudden i took step. I questioned to myself, was it wise?? Lol

Later days, i adjusted with my friend for few months and it flew so fast. I rented a house and it got a beautiful surroundings.

A willow trees along the road side, birds singing so beautifully, highway cars rushing, apple orchard and paddy field surrounds too. Even a cow and calf on the play. 🙂 so much like countryside home.

I booked a first floor flat and it got big rooms and i lived alone. Recently, my father accompanied me and i shifted my room to next.

In the middle floor of 3rd storied traditional building, i can hear lot of noise which i couldn’t recognize from which floor the noise is. I laughed and read the books again. The kids used to dominate their parents or elders. I laugh and think “if i got a partner and have private conversations, it might be heard by both the floors”. Lol

I was feeling too crazy to think too funny thoughts but then i m very silent and busy reading an online books in every 2 days, i could end 1 book. A prayers were too short to read.

*The blog was then created here after the kids made me feel like “sandwiches”.

Me in the grassland!

Into the desert grassland,
Let my heart be ripped out
With the strong wind blown
I surrender myself to the universe

The valley was beautiful
and even the morning sun too
I prayed let sun shine in my heart
Like it shines over the valley

Far away in my heartland
I never felt i will be in the barren
Where the wind torn my heart
And the eyes formed a lake

Every second of my breath
Counts the memories i have built on
I can filter out every moments
But never found i betrayed any

I wonder what love have defined me
Into creating the memories of love
I discovered Sin being borned
With much love i beg the forgiveness
Only the guilty was standing infront

I let go of the everything
As i moved on with the destiny
If only i am created for what i am
I will end with what i am suppose to have

Sitting alone in the desert land
I discover the human and time
And with such ability
I defined the word “ME”.